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1 week. 3 Training Sessions. 4 Matches.

How many opportunities do you need?

How it works?

Get Scouted

During all year long we have countless requests from our partners for trials for the professional and semi-professional teams. ​For that reason we organize an international event twice a year.

Players from all over the world are welcome to attend our #WWTT, World Wide Technical Trial, to show their skills and to be scouted by Portuguese Professional and Semi-Professional Teams. This event is hosted in Madeira Island, home town of the Super Star Legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is the perfect moment for players that believe they can impress and take the opportunity to be scouted.

We work directly along side with professional and semi-professional teams!

Our Partners are looking for talented, skilled and ambitious football players.

Where it happens?

My turn

Our Partners in the past 20 years developed players as:

Pepe - CS Marítimo, FC Porto, Real Madrid, Besiktas, Portugal
Ricardo Pereira (Guimaraes, FCPorto, Leicester, Portugal)
Deco (Salgueiros, FCPorto, Barcelona, Portugal)
Rafa Silva (SCBraga, SLBenfica, Portugal)
Tiago (SCBraga, SLBenfica, Chelsea, Lyon, Juventus, At. Madrid, Portugal
Joao Felix (FCPorto, Benfica, At Madrid)
Diego Costa (SCBraga, At. Madrid, Chelsea, Brasil)

The trial takes place in Madeira Sports Center training facilities.

This is a one week event, organized with morning training sessions and afternoon football matches, normally against the youth teams from our professional partners.

What's the Outcome?

The results from your performance and technical skills will be sent to your e-mail address in one individual report after the program. That report will be based on our professional coaches opinion.

If you are selected by one club it will be publicly announced and an invitation letter will be sent to you from the club for further trial and/or possibility for a contract. 

This report and letter are normally sent in 15 days.

What's included?

- Training gears;
- Individual Sports Bottle to carry any hydration supplies;
- Hat for your comfort in the sun;
- Backpack to carry your belongings.

Furthermore, in order to better help the players, a #WWTT kit will be handed. That kit includes:

We will also take care of:

a) Accommodation in full board regime;
b) Transfer from and to the airport;
c) Transfer during the week to the training sessions, matches and social events like the visit to the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum;
d) Training gears for the week;
e) Professional and certified UEFA A and B coaches;
f) A technical report based on your performance and coaches analysis.


Weekly Program Model

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
14:00 - Arrivals 08:15 - Breakfast 08:15 - Breakfast 08:15 - Breakfast 08:15 - Breakfast
18:30 - Opening 09:30 - Training 09:30 - Training 09:00 - Sight Seeing 09:30 - Training
19:30 - Dinner 12:30 - Lunch 12:30 - Lunch 10:00 - CR7 Museum 12:30 - Lunch
22:00 - Bed Time 15:00 - Match 15:00 - Match 12:30 - Lunch 15:00 - Match
18:00 - Hotel 18:00 - Hotel 15:00 - Match 18:00 - Hotel
19:00 - Dinner 19:00 - Dinner 18:00 - Hotel 19:00 - Dinner
20:00 - Free Time 20:00 - Free Time 19:00 - Dinner 20:00 - Free Time
23:00 - Bed Time 23:00 - Bed Time 20:00 - Free Time 23:00 - Bed Time
23:00 - Bed Time


09h00 - Airport Transfers


How do I get to Madeira?

You can fly to Madeira from any point in the world. Contact us if you don't find any easy way to reach Madeira Island.

From which cities can I fly directly to Madeira?

You can find straight flights to Madeira from: Lisbon (TAP, Easy Jet), Düsseldorf (Condor), Oslo (Norwegian), London (Easy Jet, British Awrways), Ponta Delgada (TAP), Porto (TAP), Paris (Transavia), Warsaw (OK), Frankfurt (Condor), Hamburg (Condor), Zurich (Edelweiss), Amsterdam (Transavia), Lyon (Transavia), Bristol (Easy Jet), Vienna (Austrian), Munich (Condor), Basel (TuiFly), Leipzig (Condor), Hannover (Condor), Gran Canaria (Binter Canarias), Stuttgart (Condor), Manchester (Easy Jet), Nantes (Transavia).

Is the #WWTT program available all year?

This program happens twice a year and the dates are announced on our website 12 months before.

How does it work on the arrival? And on departure?

The arrival transfer from the airport to the hotel is normally provided on Monday, at 3pm. If you arrive earlier than that let us know to provide you more info. If you want to book a private transfer please visit our services page.

The departure will be organized at 8am from the hotel to the airport.

How do I get the kit for the event?

You will find your kit in your hotel room.

When will I get my results?

The reports and a certificate will be sent to your e-mail address within 15 days time. If you get selected you will have also an invitation letter from the club that wants to see you back in Madeira, Portugal.

What is the standard procedure if I'm selected?

The selected player(s) will get an invitation letter directly from the club that will welcome him(them) back in Madeira, Portugal, with all costs covered (accommodation, full board, transfer in the Island, training material). The testing period will be announced on the letter and all details will be discussed between the club, the player or player representative and the MSA.

I've been once on a Technical Trial. Can I try again?

All players are welcome to have a new chance. Even if you joined us on a previous occasion you are welcome to try again. Past experience can always be a plus and a performance boost.




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