Located in Madeira Island (Portugal) the Madeira Sports Agency exists to connect. Our goal is ambitious and we work daily with a dedicated staff to make sure that we deliver the best service, towards our clients expectations.


To achieve this goal our values are the base of what we are, of what we do and of how we work. Our clients experience is fundamental for a prosper future as it was for a successful past.


Our vision holds on to a very clear and delimited plan, that contemplates the middle steps for a higher stand. As any other plan ours is also flexible being the Madeira Sports Agency able to provide different experiences in different sports always integrated in the same spirit and values.

This company is a way of life for our clients, supporters, workers, co-workers, partners and associates. To make sure that we meet their expectations we invest time and resources in communication, solid partnerships and rely on our providers to deliver the best experience.



We deliver the best of two worlds:

The best service in sport using high-end facilities and solid partnerships with Professional and Semi-Professional teams.

The best experience combining business with leisure in Madeira Island:

World's Leading Island Destination 2018 | Europe's Leading Island Destination 2018 | World's Leading Island Destination 2017 | Europe's Leading Island Destination 2017 | World's Leading Island Destination 2016 | Europe's Leading Island Destination 2016 | World's Leading Island Destination 2015 | Europe's Leading Island Destination 2014 | Europe's Leading Island Destination 2013


Working hard to create opportunity, to promote talent, to develop skills and to interact with different cultures through sports.


Our clients experience is fundamental. We welcome people from all over the world, all year long and we put our best efforts on organizing and delivering the programs to meet our client’s expectations.


Our network exists to provide opportunities to our community to meet people and talent from abroad. Our network exists to introduce Madeira as a Sport destiny to the world.


"If you are going to do it, do it well !!".


"In order to work, things must be clear" is our mentality all the way through the process.


Top of the line knowledge leads to top of the line methods. Our licensed UEFA coaches and qualified staff work together providing a step by step improvement method to help our clients of all skills levels achieve their highest performance.


We are committed to expand our brand and partnerships in Portugal and abroad.


We are committed to solidify and to expand our brand through high quality service, improving our position in the market and creating better and more ambitious partnerships.


We provide the possibility for people to work with us from their headquarters. The world is moving fast and we support our action on fast communications. Our core business is settled in Madeira while our core partners are all over the world, working and cooperating with us from their own base.

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